Pre-Show Attraction

Come early because there are lots of activities to learn more about Thai way of life in bygone time.

Please note: Some pre-show attractions and activities may be delayed/cancelled in adverse weather conditions.

At Siam Niramit Phuket, the show starts at 20.30 hrs. but our gates open at 17.00 hrs. for access to the restaurant and to enjoy other pre-show attractions.

1. Traditional Thai Village

Traditional Thai Village

Step back in time to see authentic Thai lifestyles of 100 years ago. Enjoy a glimpse of traditional lifestyles, arts and craft of rural Thailand.

  • Rice pounding & making 'Kao Mao' (Thai dessert), Central Region.
  • 'Bai Sri', welcoming guests, Northern Region.
  • Process of making silk & weaving, Northeast Region. Batik painting, Southern Region.
  • Feeding the buffaloes & myriad of colourful fish.



  • Wearing Thai costume.
  • Cute baby elephant and you.
  • Colourful paper umbrellas. Hill Tribe costume.
  • With characters from the show
  • Likay, the popular folk theatre famous for its flamboyant costumes.
  • Sam Lor, the three-wheeled bikes.

3. Naga Light & Fountain Show

Naga Light & Fountain Show

At Siam Niramit Phuket, we built an exquisite Naga statue at a massive 35-meter in length. Naga is believed by Thai people as a God of Water, symbolizes power and prosperity. It is also the centerpiece of a spectacular fountain and light show.

4. Outdoor dance performances

Outdoor dance performances

To keep our guests entertained before the main show starts, our performers stage small open-air performances of traditional Thai music and dance in the elegant surroundings of the courtyard.

5. Thai Boxing

Thai Boxing

We have demonstrations of the famous Thai Boxing (Muay Thai), martial art which originated in Thailand. Besides watching the demonstration, you can even get in the ring and try a few punches yourselves.

6. Souvenir shop

Souvenir shop

Browse around our souvenir shops to see a wide range of Thai arts and handicrafts, carefully selected from all over the country.